News of Lienia!

This page contents all main Lienish news since its independence!

Dates Events
25 October Lienish Sovereign Republic celebrates its first independence! Glory to Lienia!
25 October Lienish President apoligizes for huge delay with diplomatic relations; Republic will start seeking partners by January.
31 May Lienish Software Organisation released LieniaLang 1.0!
28 May Lienia moved to Canada. It has changed micronation 3 times!
19 April Lienia joined Union Against Micronational War (UAMW).
29 March Lienish population increased to 6 people.
9 March Lienia finished West Travel when it woke up from inactive period.
24 February Lienia begun West Travel - migration to West from Ukrainian-Russian war.
22 February Lienia is independent one month, and we won't give up!
19 February Lienish Game Studio™ begun develop Lienish video game - "Sleep Well".
19 February Happy First Lienish Science Day, Lienia.
12 February Lienia begun create its very own MicroWiki page!
29 January "Lienia is independent one week, and I think it grew pretty much."
25 January President promised to start diplomatic relations with Aerican Empire by 22nd of July!
25 January "There are more micronations in the world, than I thought."
22 January Lienia became independent - President signed the Act of Independence!


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