History of Lienia!

Lienish Background

Campaign of creating our micronation begun on 26th of November in 2019 year. It was 10th birthday of our President, Mićaöl Lienere. His Mom's friend granted him a book How to Build Your Own Country by Valery Wyatt. This book was about micronations and how create them. First attempt of creating micronation was on 4th of December in 2019 year. That micronation's name was Hwamba. Unfortunately, Hwamba was very weak and simple nation. It didn't have any money, constitution and laws. Only a president and some territories. Unfortunately Hwamba's destiny was sad - it has stopped its existence after year of functioning because of lack of government's control (but micronations often become weak or die because of this reason). Then Mićaöl realized, what he needs to create first of all idea of country (like its constitution, flag and culture), and just after this create country.


Mićaöl didn't hurry with creating of Lienia. He remembered the Hwambian experience, so first, he created basic government and culture etc., and just then created Lienia. Actually, Lienia become independent in 22nd of January in 2022, but its constitution was written three months earlier! 2021 year was very important year of Lienish history - it was year, when (almost) all Lienish ideas and projects became true - constitution, web-page, currency etc. The only main date of 2021 is 25 October - date of Lienish founding, when President wrote constitution, act of independence, drew flag and invented language. That period of Lienish history ended at 24th February 2022.


With beginning of Ukrainian-Russian war at 24th February Lienia left Ukraine. This period also known as West Travel. President and Prime Minister were big heroes - they took Lienia, its documents and currency with them, in Travel. West Travel ended at 3rd March 2022 with arriving Lienia in Germany. ( President had a sad joke, what from now Lienish history will become more interesting). When Lienia arrived Germany (it is also known as "Changing of Macronation"), it woke up of short (1 week) period of inactivity, which has begun (and ended) with West Travel. It recovered from Travel at 9th March and begun new Era of Lienish history.

Chronological Table

This table contents all main dates of Lienish history. You can find some another news here.

Dates Events
October, 25th Mićaöl wrote constitution and act of independence, drew flag and invented language.
December, 6th Mićaöl begun create Lienish official site (yes, this one, which you're reading!).
December, 27th 4 people became citizens of Lienia.
January, 5th President begun translate Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on Lienish.
January, 22nd President undersigned act of independence.
January, 25th Lienia bought a domain "http://lienia.com".
February, 12th Lienia begun create its very own MicroWiki page.
February, 24th Lienia begin its "West Travel".
March, 9th Lienia ended West Travel in Germany.
March, 29th Lienish population increased to 6 people.


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