Culture of Lienia!

Lienish Cuisine

Lienish main national dish is "kotsoopkies" - it is plump, small pancakes (well, it's not actually pancakes - but sort of), which are cooking from kefir (it's a drink from milk), chicken eggs, flour, sugar, butter and baking soda (we cook them sometimes - they are pretty good). Our next national dish will be a mushroom potato buns (this we've not cooked yet) - it will be buns with smashed potato in its dough. It also will be stuffed with mushrooms and cheese (in my opinion it will be not bad). We're planning cook them some day.

Lienish Afetball

Lienia has its own sport - afetball (from Lienish "afeta" - to fly). It's little like volleyball, but there are only 2 players, no net and oval field. The field is divided on three zones in each half. If player threw ball in first, the closest zone he gets 1 score, if in second - 2 scores and if he threw ball in third zone, he gets 3 scores. If the ball is out nobody gets scores. If player hit the ball (not caught and then threw, but hit) back, he gets bonus +1 score to his next thrown. Match is going 30 minutes and divides on 3 times, 10 minutes each. At the end of game wins that player who, of course, got more scores. We will try to have a match one day.

Lienio Sperhe (Lienish Language)

Lienia has its very own language - Lienish. It's history begun at March-May 2021 - at these months President begun create drafts of Lienish Constitution and anthem on his language - later he named it "pralienish". History of modern Lienish begun at 25th October 2022 when President begun create book about Lienish language and begun translate our Constitution on Lienish. At 30th of October he began create Lienish-Russian Dictionary. First book on Lienish he began translate at 5th January 2022. It was "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone". You can press here, to download Full, Free and Official Lienish Grammar (version 2.0) on English and here to download Full, Free and Official Lienish-English Dictionary (version 2.0)!


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