Welcome to Lienia!

Lienia - what is that?

Lienia [li'e:niʌ] (its full name is Lienish Sovereign Republic) - is a powerful and wealthy micronation. This is not a joke. Micronation is a little and "toy" nation which has its own citizens, government and culture but which has not been recognized as legitimate by the established countries of the world. Our micronation has been created in 25th of October in 2021 year by Mićaöl Lienere, and it is actively growing each day. Now Lienia has its own flag, citizens, language, Constitution and even its own video games and money! Now we are working for beginning diplomatic relations with other micronations and creating our economy.

Are you a colony of any country?

No! Like we told you earlier, we are a micronation. Micronation - it is like country, just small and unofficial. There are many micronations in the world: Karno-Ruthenia, Sealand, Molossia, Aerican Empire, Austenasia, Sasperian (and those are just ones of the most powerful and popular of them - totally there are around 600+ micronations in the world!) etc. They all have their own President or King, territory, citizens, money and laws. We have all of it too. We also have something very important to every nation - it is sovereignty. We are not a colony, dominion or part of any nation! We are the independence, sovereign and growing with every second country.

Do you have any territories or citizens?

Yes, of course - country without it is not a country. Now Lienia has 2,8 square meters (30.1 square feet) of territory. Maybe it is not a lot of territories, but for micronations it is not bad. Plus one day it very possibly we get a little land (around 1 Acr) and put Lienia there. Now about citizens. We already had 1 man when Lienia was founded (me). Plus there are 4 people in December 2021 and 1 in March 2022 became citizens, and now we have 6 citizens - it is more, than Molossia has! Because of our little territory 6 citizens is our limit now, but if and when we settle in our future colonies, we think we can have more people.

What do you mean - "your future colonies"?

Of course our territory is too little for 6 people, so we are working on putting Lienia in our colonies. If you didn't know - colonies is a dependence from other countries lands. We will not do any occupation like somebody - we will do all plus-minus legal: buy a land about 2,000 square meters (21,400 square feet) - it's like 2 soccer fields - and put all our country in there. As plan B we have next thought: we will look on satellite photos or swim in oceans to looking for a little islands in oceans which other countries has not taken. We can also build islands ourselves from empty bottles and cover them with sand - some people like Reishee Sowa have successfully done that. Now Sowa's island has a river, 2 beaches and washing machine. If he did it, so why we can't?

Is your country serious?

Yes, of course it is! Don't be confused by word "micronation" - in our opinion micronations has same rights, as real nations of the world! Maybe our nation hasn't constitution with a million of articles or atom bombs and tanks, but we have all what we need to be country: independence, government, culture, laws, territory, money, we even have real invented language and citizens, who are living on our territory. If we have all of it (and this is the most important to every country things), so why we can't be a country? Micronations around whole world claims sovereignty and independence - if they can parody real countries (and some of them doing it really well indeed), so we too!

Can I become a citizen of Lienia?

We are deeply sorry, but chance of your becoming Lienish citizen is unbelievably, ultimatively small. Lienia has very little territory - 2,8² meters (it is like a blanket!). We already have 6 citizens; if we divide our lands, every citizen will get 0,45 square metres of land - imagine! Because of it, Lienish government has to give citizenship very accurately, choosing only from people checked by President & Co. But we are thinking a bout where whe can make colonies (some variants - islands in Pacific Ocean, Mary Byrd Land, Bir Tawil etc.) and make Lienish towns and cities and make getting of citizenship more simple, so, I don't know - maybe one day in a future...

What if I have a micronation, and I want to begin diplomatic relations with Lienia?

It is simple - just read our diplomatic policy and then mail to our Minister of Foreign Affairs in Contact Us page. We will be pretty happy if we make relations with another micronations. In your letter please specify name of your country, its political system and website (if you have one). If you violate our diplomatic policy, we end our relations.